Changelog (16 Nov 2023)

New Documents Added

Scholarly documents (+10)

  • The Deposition of Arius (Athanasius of Alexandria)
  • Apologia Contra Arianos (Athanasius of Alexandria)
  • Letter 66 From Augustine to Crispinus (Augustine of Hippo)
  • Letter 67 From Augustine to Jerome (Augustine of Hippo)
  • Letter 68 From Jerome to Augustine (Augustine of Hippo)
  • Letter 69 From Alypius and Augustine to Castorius (Augustine of Hippo)
  • Tomus ad Antiochenos (Athanasius of Alexandria)
  • On the Nativity of Christ in the Flesh (Ephraim the Syrian)
  • Answer to Eunomius' Second Book (Gregory of Nyssa)
  • On Pilgrimages (Gregory of Nyssa)