what are the goals of marriage

The goals of marriage are rooted in the understanding that marriage is a fundamental form of human relationship established by God's plan of creation. The Catholic Church teaches that the essential meaning of marriage is the personal union of a man and a woman, which involves a complementarity of male and female. From this union, new life is born and children can be welcomed and nurtured .

Marriage is also a lifelong commitment and a reflection of God's faithfulness. It is a decision to belong completely to another person, supporting and growing old together. This commitment shapes a style of life and is an interior requirement of the covenant of conjugal love. It is not simply a matter of following a law, but a matter of the heart, reaffirmed daily before God. Each spouse becomes a sign and instrument of the Lord's closeness, as marriage is a sign of God's own faithfulness .

The goals of marriage also include defending and consolidating the marital bond for the good of the spouses and their children. Marriage ministry should center on the marriage bond and assist couples in overcoming difficulties. The preservation of the union brings about spiritual, psychological, and material goods that are far superior to those that one hopes to obtain from separation. By learning to overcome hard times, spouses mature in love and the union emerges fortified. Every crisis presents an opportunity for growth and deepening of the relationship .

Marriage is a friendship marked by passion, but a passion always directed to an ever more stable and intense union. It is a unique friendship between a man and a woman that acquires an all-encompassing character within the conjugal union. This union is exclusive, faithful, and open to new life. It is a love that brings together the human and the divine, leading the partners to a free and mutual self-giving experienced in tenderness and action .

As love matures in marriage, it learns to negotiate and make decisions for the good of the family. Marriage is a common project where the happiness of the spouse is prioritized. At each new stage of married life, there is a need to sit down and renegotiate agreements, ensuring that both spouses are winners. Decisions in the home cannot be made unilaterally, as each spouse shares responsibility for the family. Each marriage will find an arrangement that works best for their unique situation .

In summary, the goals of marriage include the personal union of a man and a woman, the welcoming and nurturing of new life, reflecting God's faithfulness, defending and consolidating the marital bond, and growing in love and mutual self-giving. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires negotiation and decision-making for the good of the family .